Winning with Mindfulness - Michael Jay Leizerman - Barton Boot Camp Full Day CLE


Join us on Saturday January 26th! Through the generosity of longtime OTLA member Bill Barton, nationally-recognized trucking and personal injury attorney and speaker Michael Jay Leizerman, author of TrialGuides book The Zen Lawyer will treat us to "Winning with Mindfulness," an in-depth dive into the most effective ways to get a jury on your side and understanding the case.

Are you a veteran of Barton Boot Camp? This CLE is FREE for you thanks to Bill Barton's generosity and the money he's saved by not buying real pants. He'll also treat you to an exclusive lunch at the CLE!

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This CLE will be offered both in-person and via webcast.



8:30-9:00        breakfast and registration


  • Getting to the core truths in your case
  • How to present your case through the senses so the jury can see, hear, touch and smell the case

10:30-10:45         break


  • Presenting your case clearly - using simple words and phrases, dissecting jury instructions and cutting through defenses

Noon-1pm          lunch


  • Emotions & motivations -- presenting your case through emotional connections so the jury can feel the case and encouraging the jury to take action 

2:15-2:30              break


  • Putting it all together—arguing liability and damages
  • Closing argument demonstration


Michael Jay Leizerman is the co-founder of the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys (ATAA). He concentrates his practice in select catastrophic injury truck collision cases across the country.  


Michael is the author of the Thomson West/AAJ three-volume treatise, Litigating Truck Accident Cases. He was the first Chair of AAJ’s Trucking Litigation Group. Michael attended truck driving school and obtaining his Commercial Driver’s License while managing his law practice.


He has taken 14 truck and bus cases to trial in the last decade. He has received record-breaking truck accident settlements and verdicts across the country, including multiple verdicts with punitive damages.


Michael is the author of the Trial Guides book The Zen Lawyer: Winning with Mindfulness, published in  2018. He puts on a series of workshops teaching his Core Method, including meditation, Aikido and theater skills for lawyers (along with co-teachers Jay Rinsen Weik and Joshua Karton).


Learn more at his website


Sentinel Hotel

Governor Ballroom, 4th floor

614 SW 11th Ave

Portland, OR