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Published quarterly, Trial Lawyer Magazine is distributed to OTLA members, judges, law schools and law libraries and other legal professionals around the state with a circulation of more than 1,400 individual readers. Trial Lawyer is an important source of information for members of the plaintiff's bar and features articles on legal issues and trends, trial skills and practice basics, all presented in an information and readable format.

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To locate past articles that have appeared in Trial Lawyer, search the Index of Past Issues (1997-present).

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Summer - Premises Liability (magazine format)

Summer - Premises Liaiblity

Spring - Special Liability (magazine format)

Spring - Special Liaiblity

Winter - Business of Law (magazine format)

Winter - Business of Law


Fall - Jury Selection (magazine format)

Fall - Jury Selection

Summer - Transitions (magazine format)

Summer - Transitions

Spring - Volunteers

Winter - Your First Trial



Winter - History Part I

Spring - History Part II

Summer - Insurance

Fall - Defense Strategies


Winter - Clients

Spring - Technology

Summer - Cultural Diversity

Fall - Sexual Harassment


Winter - Career Stages

Spring - Business Law

Summer - Honing Your Craft

Fall - Damages


Winter - Contested Liability

Spring - Social Media

Summer - Professional Negligence

Fall - Memorable Cases


Winter - Ethics

Spring - Civil Rights

Summer - Consumer Law

Fall - Small Town Law


Winter - Products Liability

Spring - Limited Resources

Summer - Appeals

Fall - Rules of Evidence


Winter - Mentors

Spring - Discovery

Summer - Unwritten Rules

Fall - Workers' Compensation


Winter - Representing the Vulnerable

Spring - Premises Liability

Summer - Volunteers

Fall - Ships, Trains & Planes


Winter - Motivating Your Client

Spring - Representing Minorities

Summer - Police Cases

Fall - Insurance


Winter - Brain Injury

Spring - Changes in Motor Vehicle Laws

Summer - Health & Fitness

Fall - The Basics


Winter - Employment Law

Spring - Juries

Summer - Law Firm Economics

Fall - Rainmaking


Winter - Consumer Law

Spring - Elective Procedures

Summer - Contingent Fees

Fall - Employer Liability Law


Winter - Mediation & Arbitration

Spring - Different Courts

Summer - Motor Vehicles I

Fall - Motor Vehicles II


Winter - Damages

Spring - Products Liability

Summer - Stories

Fall - Working


Spring - Civil Liberties

Summer - Practical Skills

Fall - Changes in Law

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