Members in the News

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OTLA Members in the News

The Oregonian:  2/17/2012 Michael Wise Op Ed on Patient Safety:
"Focus on patient safety rather than insurance profits"

The Oregonian: 2/16/2012 Big Verdict against Big Tobacco:

Portland jury holds Philip Morris accountable in landmark verdict against big tobacco

The Oregonian: 2/16/2012 Farmers win justice for lost crops:

Justice for farmers who were victims of devastatingly bad fertilizer

The Oregonian: 2/2/2011  COMCAST must pay for improper subscriber fees:

COMCAST held accountable for improper late fees in Oregon class action suit:

The Oregonian: 10/26/2011 Oregon foster child stands up against abuse:

Abused foster child finds justice and sends wake up call to Oregon DHS

The Oregonian: 9/28/2011  Oregon soldiers fight for their lives after exposure to toxic chemicals in Iraq:

Oregon soldiers exposed to toxic chemicals in Iraq fight for justice

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